Why Should You Choose Adams Dental for Dental Health Procedures?

How will Adams Dental maintain your oral health?

Why us? Why Adams Dental? Here at Adams Dental, you are important to us and we want to be a part of your unique dental health story. Dr. Michael and Dr. Pamela are solely focused on you and only you. At Adams Dental, you will receive an intimate, exclusive experience with our dentists. Your dental health and wellbeing are essential to Dr. Pamela and Dr. Michael. Our doctors focus on providing care to one patient at a time. This allows our team to provide the absolute best dental care for each and every patient. We are dedicated to you and only you while you during your appointment. This means our dentists see no more than eight patients a day in their dental treatment rooms.

The Adams Dental Family

I know I may be partial, but we have the most amazing team. Our office administration “goddesses” are knowledgeable, caring, and in my opinion the best office administration I’ve ever worked with. Their commitment to building strong patient relationships is their number-one priority. Our hygienists are extraordinarily passionate about what they do. As one of these extraordinary hygienists, we strive to provide not only an incredible dental cleaning, but we also want your visits to be enjoyable and pleasant. We provide a gentle touch, while also providing you with optimum dental care and dental health education on how to maintain optimum oral hygiene tailored to your individual needs.

Our assistants are one of a kind. They want you to have the most comfortable dental experience possible, and it’s always possible. They make sure to exceed your expectations. Notice how I said “careers” and not “jobs.” Our team members have a longevity with Adams Dental. Michele has been here for eight years, Linda eight months, Ashley five years, Heather two years, Loretta nine months, Angie twenty-four years, and Anita twelve years. We all have years of experience and knowledge. We never forget to have some fun in the office either and you can feel the positive and upbeat atmosphere when you visit our office. We cherish our relationships with our patients and consider you part of our Adams Dental team!

Dedicated to Every Patient’s Comfort and Well-Being

As a dynamic dental services team, we would like to welcome you into our treatment rooms. You will have a fantastic atrium view through large picture windows. You can delight in looking at the whimsical birds, lush garden, and occasionally Loretta when she is out there feeding the birds and watering the plants. Our patients find their views to be peaceful and relaxing. In addition to the great view, we want you to feel comfortable and cozy. We are committed to total patient comfort from the moment you step in the office. If you always get chilly, we have a warm, fresh blanket for you. If you need a pillow to lay back in the chair, we can provide you with a soft and fluffy pillow. We’re here to fulfill all of your dental health needs.

Personalized Dental Care with Highly Experienced and Educated Dentists

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional personalized care with state-of-the-art technology. We use the most advanced dental software with integrated e-services to quickly file with your insurance company. By using state of the art technology, we provide every patient the attention they deserve, while providing you with the highest quality dental work.  

Our doctors and hygienists treat patients with unbridled enthusiasm. We are always on top of our continuing education, innovations, and training. Dr. Michael and Dr. Pamela get over 200 hours of continuing education hours every biennium. To put this into perspective, the average dentist in the state of Florida is required to obtain 32 hours of continuing education hours every biennium.

We thoroughly evaluate your dental wellness and take the time to explain how to arrive at and maintain dental health.

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This is an opportunity to give your dental concerns to our dental clinic and for us to answer your questions to create an exceptional dental experience and relationship just for you. Contact our dentist in Clearwater, FL today to schedule an appointment for the very best dental care in Florida. We can assist you with advanced dental procedures, including dental bridges and crowns!

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