What is a Prosthodontist and what Kind of Dental Procedures do they Perform?

How can a prosthodontist help you?

As most people are probably aware, dental offices across the state of Florida have mostly been closed due to the coronavirus. Appointments for procedures such as cleanings, checkups, simple fillings, and other dental needs aren’t being made right now.

Most dental professionals are up and running to a lessened degree because they’re still able to perform emergency procedures. This will often include when a patient is in need of a prosthodontist. What is a prosthodontist and what dental services do they provide? Let’s look at what a normal appointment with a prosthodontist entails, when it’s time to seek help, and what you can expect. 

What Is a Prosthodontist?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand exactly what a prosthodontist does. Basically, this type of dental professional is responsible for the restoration or replacement of teeth. General dentists and orthodontists will sometimes provide a variety of procedures that a prosthodontist does, but these specialists have procured two to threeadditional years of training in restorative and replacement procedures.

They are experts in especially complex dental procedures and situations that require more training in order to determine the most advantageous path for treatment. Prosthodontists often work closely with general dentists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and ear, nose, and throat professionals.

Dental Needs Which Require a Prosthodontist

Thanks to their additional training and education, prosthodontists possess a vast array of knowledge consisting of tooth reconstruction and replacement. They also maintain a high degree of awareness in regards to the causes related to congenital issues and teeth that are missing or damaged. There are three primary areas of dentistry that a prosthodontist is often recognized in:

  • Restoration of damaged teeth
  • Replacement of missing teeth
  • Restoration of dental implants

However, the above descriptions only scratch the surface in terms of the procedures that are often performed by a prosthodontist. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, these specialists deal with everything from geriatric dental care and oral reconstruction needs even those resulting from cancer.

When to Seek a Prosthodontist’s Help

The first thing you should do when you believe you’re in need of tooth restoration or replacement is to seek the advice of your primary dentist, especially if that dentist is also a restorative specialist or works closely with a prosthodontist. He or she will evaluate the potential need to send you to a prosthodontist based on a detailed examination and will then make a recommendation. In many circumstances, you’ll be sent to a prosthodontist based on complicated problems that will involve not only dental work,but also surgery on bone and tissue. Your dentist will be forthcoming to your particular needs. 

What to Expect at the First Appointment

Unless your dental needs are an absolute emergency, your first visit to a prosthodontist isn’t likely to involve any actual dental work. He or she will want to perform an examination of the problem and then discuss with you the type of procedure that will be needed and precisely what is involved with that procedure. Finally, never be afraid to ask detailed questions. These types of procedures can be complicated, so questions are expected and welcome.

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