Dental Crowns

Our Specialty

The most substantial part of our practice is mastering the art of crowns. We perform this procedure every day, as both new and replacements, and in a variety of materials. Both doctors started their careers teaching about crowns and bridges for Loyola Dental School. Today this is the area of our expertise.  Dr. Pamela Adams is a Prosthodontist specializing in crown placement, a degree that takes several years to complete after dental school. Reach out to learn more about the intricacies of dental crowns.

When is a dental crown needed?

A dental crown covers a tooth to increase its strength and improve its appearance. The crown is made of a material that looks like tooth enamel and is cemented to the top of the prepared tooth, completely covering it above the gum line. Here are situations in which we may consider using a crown:

  • Weak tooth due to decay
  • Cracked tooth
  • Severely worn down tooth
  • A tooth whose structure is lacking
  • A tooth that needs to be enlarged or reshaped to hold a dental bridge in place
  • Unacceptable discoloration of the tooth
  • Other need for cosmetic restoration

What materials are tooth crowns made from?

Today’s crowns come in a host of new materials. We can take the same material and mill out a crown from a solid block or heat it to mold it into the desired shape. In addition, we may layer several of these materials together in order to get the best performance. Even for the same patient, we may use different types of crown material depending on the location in the mouth and what is needed.

How does the dentist decide what sort of teeth need crowns?

We are always looking for longevity in crowns, and we will choose and formulate the material to achieve the right balance of esthetics vs. durability. A different mix is required depending on the location in the mouth. The reason your tooth needs a cap or crown plays a huge part in the material selection. If the original problem is from caries or periodontal bone loss, not only the materials, but the actual base tooth preparation is radically altered to optimize the outcome. We are delighted that the latest materials are allowing us to move dental cosmetics—in the form of beautifully crowned teeth–into more places than ever before.

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