Dental Cleaning

Best Dental Cleanings in Clearwater

Adams Dental of Clearwater Florida provides professional cosmetic and restorative dentistry services to help you to have the very best dental health possible. This includes general cleaning.

Prevention of dental problems is always best, so we promote good dental hygiene through flossing, brushing and other personal care designed for your situation. Regular exams and cleanings help to keep your teeth healthy and identify issues early. We make sure you’re comfortable. We use digital X-rays to aid in diagnosis. We show you what we find and take the time to explain it in detail so that you’re fully informed.

What Type Of Dental Cleaning Is Right For You?

1. Healthy Mouth Cleaning

This is our most common type of dental cleaning. You may fit into this category if you have routinely gotten a general cleaning every 3, 4, or 6 months. We address the normal amount of deposits that have since formed. You have no periodontal pockets and show minimal signs of bleeding. 

2. Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

This is our second most common type of dental cleaning. You fit into this category if you have a history of damage and bone loss due to periodontal disease. You may have longer root surfaces exposed, may or may not have active periodontal disease and periodontal pockets. You would almost always have this type of dental cleaning done every 3 months for life. 

3. Deep Cleaning

We prescribe this for active periodontal disease with deposits that can only be removed under local anesthesia. It may be carried out by sections of the mouth as needed. In most cases, the treatment is done for the entire mouth over several appointments.

4. Debridement Cleaning

This is a one-time procedure. This cleaning may be for you if you have not visited your dentist in a long time. Heavy deposits have formed above the gum line. The purpose of this cleaning is to remove these deposits and prepare you for DEEP CLEANING. The gums are given time to heal before starting again.