Quality Dental Care Good Enough for Now?

No matter what dental care you require, you should always expect high-quality services for your dentist.  

When asked, what is more important to you, quality dental care or “good enough” care, what is your answer? What about when it comes to your dental care? Which seems like the better choice for you? The answer varies depending on who is answering this question, a patient, or a dentist. A patient generally wants high quality, longevity (to last the rest of their life), acceptable cost (where insurance picks up a good part), and fast care (where you are not in the chair over 20 minutes and don’t need anesthetic). I’m going to provide you with two different scenarios, one of quick delivery and one for quality.  

First Scenario for Quick Dental Care

You walk into a dental office as a new patient. You are asked for fill out all the proper documentation. While sitting in the waiting room, you notice five other patients waiting as well. There is one dentist working that day with three assistants and two hygienists. Now, when you think about this scenario, there are six patients including you in the waiting room with one dentist and their staff and five rooms in total. In the period of an hour, there are three rooms with scheduled dental treatment that require the dentist’s skills. Do you feel confident that you will be treated as an individual, and have enough time to go over every question you may have about your dental health without being rushed? Do you feel the quality of your treatment will exceed your expectations?  

In some ways you might not know there was an option. Most of the dentistry over the past 20 years have operation plans to do the greatest number of billable procedures per hour as possible. Even the most Hi-tech equipment is not about better dentistry but lowering cost to produce dentistry. Most of our manufacturers make two lines of products, one that is fast and easy and one that is best looking and longest lasting. Some dentists say to me that they use the good materials and a different lab for their private pay patients, Really? I don’t think so. Do you think the dentist that in that room is working in his patient’s best interests? 

Second Scenario: Quality Dental Care

You walk into Adams Dental as a new patient. You are asked to fill out all proper documentation. While sitting there you notice 3 other patients waiting as well. There are two dentists, Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Pamela Adams, a husband and wife dental team. There are two hygienists and three assistants, with a total of four rooms. You are either scheduled with Dr. Michael or Dr. Pamela for your new patient exam. They will spend an hour and a half taking X-rays and gathering information from your comprehensive exam. You will see one doctor and they will be entirely devoted to you and your needs for the entire appointment.

Your next appointment will be scheduled a week out and it will be for a consultation to go over everything found and recommended from your comprehensive exam. Your initial visit is an hour and a half. Your consultation could be thirty minutes to an hour depending on the dentist’s findings. Dr. Michael and Dr. Pamela want to make sure you understand your dental care and health and provide you with their recommendations. They also want to make sure there is enough time for all your questions and concerns.

Remember that question of quality or good enough? At Adams Dental we strive to provide the best quality dental care. Every dental treatment case is different, and every patient is different. Our team looks at each patient as an individual and knows how much time they would like to have to complete dental treatment. Even if that means they see one patient in the morning for 4 hours to provide the best quality dental care.  

In addition to dedicating as much time as needed per patient, we have had the privilege of working hand in hand with our master ceramicist who has made all of our dental crowns and dental bridges exclusively for us for twenty nine years. Unlike most dental offices that send their crowns to distant labs, our ceramicist is conveniently located next door to our practice, ensuring the most beautiful crowns of the finest quality. 

Our hygienists devote an hour per patient for their dental cleanings. The dentist determines the type of cleaning you need by evaluating your periodontal probing and X-rays during your comprehensive exam for new patients. By allotting our hygienists an hour for every patient they are able to provide you with proper home care instructions that are tailored to your individual needs and educate you on how your dental care can affect your overall health.

So, I ask you again, when it comes to your dental care do you prefer quality dental care over “good enough?”

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