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Portrait of Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Pamela Adams

Our Values Best Dental Health Service Guarantee

We desire and strive to create a long term relationship with all of our patients and their families by providing excellence in Preventive, Cosmetic, and Dental Implants. Our staff is committed to providing you with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to make all of your experiences with us a pleasant one.

Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental health based on excellence in technical skills, personal and gentle service, and pride in our accomplishments. We are continually improving our skills through training and seminars to stay at the cutting edge of the newest techniques and technologies. Each patient is treated as a unique, special individual who is genuinely cared for, listened to, and appreciated. To this end, we believe in a one on one relationship with all of our patients.

Our goal is to make each visit to our office a personal and pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive care approach to your dental health. We strive to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptom. Our staff understands that even minor health problems can impact your whole body. We sacrifice nothing for the pursuit of Quality, Compassion, and Excellence.

Why Adams Dental?

1. We do the most thorough exams and evaluations you have ever had in your life.

2. We run on time. Gone are the days when you would wait past your appointment time. Our practice does not have to keep patients in multiple rooms with Doctors leaving and entering. We see one patient from start to finish, blocking out enough time to achieve the fantastic results we are proud of and known for.

3. The main goals of our practice are to create beauty and longevity while building loyalty and trust with our patients for decades to come. We always do what is in our patient’s best interest. They recognize this and return no matter how far they go.

4. Having the smile of your dreams doesn’t require massive amounts of time and cost a fortune. However, it takes a Dentist that is able and willing to go the extra mile for every patient that enters his practice. We pride ourselves on doing only the best Dentistry possible.

5. You walk out informed. By the time your appointment ends, you will understand the areas you are doing well in and the ones where improvements are required. We will check you at every cleaning appointment and NOT CHARGE YOU FOR IT. We never have. You are in control of your smile, teeth, and oral health, so the information you need is always at hand.

6. Yes, there are more than five reasons! Today’s advances in high tech dentistry are predominantly either to lower the cost to the dentist or open new revenue streams for them. Only some are for the benefit of the patient. We are everything about making it better for the patient. Yes, we are high tech with new modern equipment. These are just tools to get us to the goal of making you look better, last longer, feel good, and be healthy.

You may ask yourself, “Who is looking out for me?” More and more private practices are investor-owned, even though many look like private practices. Every dental office has a root philosophy. Most fall into one of two camps: They either do right by the patient to build a quality dental practice, or they do whatever they have to do to make the most money each day. At Adams Dental, you are our number one priority, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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